Katie Strack, MS, RDN, IFNCP

Functional Nutrition Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Helping you feel like yourself again

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I’m Katie and I look forward to working with you! I am passionate about helping others reach their health goals and together we will seek the root causes of your symptoms and then use nutrition to support your gut healing process. We will also be shifting your lifestyle to a healthier one!

My Approach

I believe that the body has the ability to heal itself if given the right tools and proper nutrition to thrive. I can help you find those tools and teach you what needs to be done to get there. It might take some work, but I will help you along the way! One-on-one sessions will allow us to dig deep into some of your issues and form a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. 

My Background

As a Minnesota native, my experience with nutrition started at an early age while working on my grandparents’ farm. I watched my family grow and eat their own food, and nutrition was often a topic of conversation at the dinner table. When my own health started to turn sour, I decided to learn more about nutrition and become an expert by earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics, and later a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I have a background in clinical nutrition counseling and nutrition education, employee wellness, child nutrition,  corporate nutrition, healthcare sales and marketing, consulting, and health promotions for the United States Air Force. I was recently an associate functional nutrition dietitian serving clients with a multitude of gut and autoimmune health conditions. Currently, I consult for functional medicine practitioners where I offer functional nutrition counseling services and group sessions for a variety of issues, most often related to an imbalanced gut microbiome.

I have been a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the dietetic practice group, Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, and the Academies of Nutrition and Dietetics for Oklahoma, California, and Colorado. I have proudly served on the board of directors for the California Coastal Tri-Counties Dietetic District, the Oklahoma North Central District Dietetic Association, as well as the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  I’m also a member of the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy where I have earned my Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP) credential.

In my spare time, I enjoy family time with my husband and son, hiking, camping, making healthy recipes and gardening.

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